Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Yeah I said it, those dirty words. Happy Holidays. Not Merry Christmas. Not Happy Hanaqwanzule. Happy Holidays. See how easy that was. No one need be offended. Even atheists celebrate the new year. We live in a free-ish country. We celebrate lots of holidays, practice countless religions and maintain the right to abstain from those holidays and religions if we like. I don't care what holiday people wish well for me. Merry Yule is my favorite but I'll take any well wishes you got. My point is if someone says "Happy Holidays" don't get upset cause they didn't feel like trying to magically divine which greeting you preferred. Relax folks. Enjoy your holiday which ever on you like or just enjoy the day off courtesy your christian co-workers and their superb PR and government infiltration. Happy Holidays Everybody!

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