Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Racoon Rescue Ranger

Some time ago. On a very hot and humid day. I was taking out trash......again. I rolled one of the big shop trash cans out to the dumpster. There was only one can today so I was alone. This is not uncommon.

I lifted the can in front of me and dumped it in. As I lifted the can away to shake it and ensure that all the trash had fallen out I saw a raccoon. I realize now from the look on his face that he was more frightened than me but at first sight I was so startled that I screamed and stumbled back ward. I dropped the can and nearly fell down. I walked back to the office to do the responsible thing, call animal control. When I told them what happened no one cared. I said it was hot and if the raccoon didn't get out he would die. "So" they all replied. I couldn't let that stand.

I marched out to the dumpster determined to find a way to help this little guy out. I look around and find bits to lower in. The first was too short and he fell back in with a chatter. I look again and get a bigger frame piece to lower. He climbed to the top and paused on the edge to give me what I like to think of as a look of thanks. He trotted off and was never seen again. I hope he found some place safe to be. It's nice to do a good thing even if its just for a small animal.

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