Monday, July 12, 2010

My Nights With The Pagans

I'm not a Pagan. Not really. But when I stumbled across a Pagan group that held meetings and classes once a week I was intrigued. I've been in Oklahoma for about 6 months now and I've made very few friends. I didn't really know how to meet people. I never really have. I am not what you would call socially adept. But these lovely, if a bit odd, people welcomed me. It was nice. I see them once a week and have a very pleasant social outlet. Even though I wouldn't call myself Pagan, not in the strictest sense. I call my spiritual preference "cafeteria style", one guy at the group calls it "eclectic". We talk about everything. Politics, religion, sex, whatever comes up....pardon the pun, totally unintended. I find myself thinking "maybe I am pagan, I do seem to fit."Never having really stamped a title on my God or religious preference I wonder sometimes if there is one for me. Or if a title is even necessary. I'm not really looking for input. Just thinking to myself. Is my desire to remain untitled keeping me from becoming a part of solid social circles?


  1. My dear, I love your outloud thoughts, please always keep them coming! Did you answer some of your questions or would you like my input? Cause I've got input out the wahzoo...!!

    HUGS and Love!!

    Glad you found some place you enjoy to hang out hon! Miss you!!

  2. I don't think there are titles for me. But I do think I might be a witch. Cause it's the best fit so far. Or wait was that bitch? hum, who knows.