Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This writing thing is harder than I remember. But to be fair I haven't done it in so long. Now I have alot of stories in my head all clamoring for attention. It gets noisy and hard to focus. I am trying. I just keep throwing things down and hopefully something will emerge as the victorious one.

1st Sgt was wondering why I wasn't smiling this morning. I always smile in the morning. I'm a morning person and I love PT. But I didn't sleep well. I'm bored, unfocused and unorganized. A far cry from my normal and happy state of being. People keep leaving but things keep breaking. As if the trucks don't realized we are short on workers. *Pisha* I hate to see not mission capable vehicles. It upsets me cause generally It was a small problem not long ago, no one caught it and now its a big problem. I think my biggest issue is that I care too much. I have a deep down need to do my job really well. I just don't understand when others aren't the same way.

Well I'm going to work. I've had my coffee and I am bound and determined to make a dent in the crap pile! Wish me Luck!